Critical Care Reviews Newsletter 448 12th June 2020

The Critical Care Reviews Newsletter, provides you with the best critical care research and open access articles from across the medical literature.
“Once again, this week’s edition is dominated by COVID-19. The highlights are systematic reviews and meta analyses on hospital‑ and ICU‑treated sepsis & sepsis acquired in hospitals and intensive care units; observational studies on persistent symptoms in patients after acute COVID-19, the emerging spectrum of COVID-19 neurology, the association between discharge delay from intensive care and patient outcomes & the prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 in Spain. There are also two COVID-19 – related guidelines on the management of critically ill adults with COVID-19s & antithrombotic management in COVID-19; three excellent COVID-19 – related narrative reviews, including a general review, emerging pharmacological therapies & extrapulmonary manifestations; editorials on critical care journals during the COVID-19 pandemic & when data interpretation should not rely on the magnitude of P values; and commentaries on whether a different approach is required for COVID-19 related ARDS, airborne transmission of COVID-19 & COVID-19 clinical trials; as well as correspondence on frailty in COVID-19 patients & patient-self-inflicted lung injury in COVID-19.
The full text of the issue is available via this link

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