Critical Care Reviews Newsletter 447 5th June 2020

The highlights of this week’s edition are the pre-print of the randomised controlled trials evaluating antibiotics in non-critically ill paediatric patients with pneumonia, including a fascinating trial comparing antibiotics with placebo, as well as two RCTs investigating vitamin C, thiamine and steroids in sepsis; systematic reviews and meta analyses on glucocorticoids in patients with ARDS (pre RECOVERY) & the use of a checklist for endotracheal intubation; and observational studies on multisystem inflammatory syndrome in U.S. children & the association of premorbid blood pressure with vasopressor infusion duration in patients with shock. There are also guidelines & recommendations on critical care ultrasound competencies & extracorporeal blood purification and organ support in the critically ill patient during the COVID-19 pandemic; narrative reviews on acute ischemic stroke & the treatment of nosocomial pneumonia in the ICU; editorials on anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis & chloroquine: to use or not to use in COVID19 ;commentaries on accelerating the development of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines the PREVENT study; as well as correspondence on COVID-19 phenotypes & rethinking the post-COVID-19 pandemic hospital: more ICU beds or smart monitoring on the wards?.
The full text of the issue is available via this link

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