Critical Care Reviews Newsletter 446 28th June 2020

The highlights of this week’s edition are the pre-print of the randomised controlled RECOVERY trial, reporting a huge mortality benefit in critically ill COVID-19 patients, & another RCT comparing resident physician ICU shifts of ≤ 16 hours with longer shifts; systematic reviews and meta analyses on physical distancing, face masks, and eye protection to prevent transmission of SARS-CoV-2, & rehabilitation interventions in critically ill patients; and observational studies on ultra-rapid exome sequencing in critically ill infants, & adverse events after transition from ICU to hospital ward. There are also guidelines on venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in trauma patients, & pediatric airway management in COVID-19 patients; narrative reviews on emerging therapies in acute ischemic stroke, & ventilation-induced lung injury; editorials on making the case for clinical trials and against off-label drug use in COVID-19, & editorial evaluation and peer review during a pandemic; and commentaries on the identification of pathophysiological patterns for triage and respiratory support in COVID-19, & COVID-19 and ethnicity: who will research results apply to?.
The full text of the issue is available via this link

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