Critical Care Reviews Newsletter 404 9th September 2019

The Critical Care Reviews Newsletter lists the best critical care research and open access articles from across the medical literature during the last seven days.
“The highlights of this week’s edition are randomised controlled trials on masks for preventing influenza among health care personnel & NIV in pneumonia-induced early mild ARDS; systematic reviews and meta analyses on predictors of gastrointestinal bleeding in adult ICU patients & recombinant human soluble thrombomodulin in patients with sepsis-associated coagulopathy; and observational studies on prophylactic pantoprazole in adult intensive care unit patients receiving dialysis & the incidence of maternal sepsis and sepsis-related maternal deaths in the USA.
There are also guidelines on acute pulmonary embolismsupraventricular tachycardia PICU admission, discharge, and triage; narrative reviews on post-cardiac arrest syndrome & antifungal drug dosing adjustment in critical patients with invasive fungal infections; editorials on advances that have led to increased survival in military casualties & critically ill obstetric patients in resource-limited settings; and commentaries on point-of-care ultrasound examination & caution with a new antibacterial.
This week’s Topic of the Week is neurocritical care, starting with a paper on the CT imaging in neurocritical care in today’s Paper of the Day. If you only have time to read one review article this week, try this one on fibrinolysis shutdown in trauma.
The full text of the newsletter is available via this link.

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