Sleep deprivation determinants as perceived by intensive care unit patients: Findings from a systematic review, meta-summary and meta-synthesis

This research by Mattiussi and others was published in “Intensive and Critical Care Nursing” during March 2019.
Objectives:  To summarise evidence on sleep deprivation and/or poor sleep determinants as experienced by intensive care unit patients.
Research methodology/design:  A systematic review of qualitative studies identified through PubMed, CINAHL and Scopus databases published in English up to 2018 was performed following PRISMA guidelines. The included studies were critically evaluated by using the Critical Appraisal Screening Programme tool. Study findings were then subjected to a meta-summary and a meta-synthesis.
Setting:  Intensive Care Units.
Main outcome measures:  Critically ill patients’ experiences of sleep deprivation.
Results:  Seven qualitative studies were included documenting the experience of 109 adult patients. A total of 12 codes emerged as causes of sleep deprivation and ‘feeling fear/concern’ was reported with the greatest frequency (71.4%) in the meta-summary. The 12 codes were categorised into three main themes influencing both directly and also interdependently the quality of sleep: (1) Experiencing complex interactions with the environment (nursing activities, frightening or disturbing sounds, acceptable sounds, time and space disorientation); (2) Undergoing intensive emotions and feelings (fear/concerns, state of abandon, inexplicable insomnia, inability to move, inability to talk) and (3) Receiving an appropriate standard of care (physical pain, feeling safe/unsafe).
Conclusions:  Despite the increased relevance of sleep deprivation and poor sleep quality, only a few studies have been performed to date aimed at identifying the factors involved in the phenomenon according to patient experience. The majority of determinants as identified from patients’ perspective are modifiable.
Subscribers to Intensive and Critical Care Nursing can access the full text of the article via this link.  The full text of articles from issues older than sixty days is available via this link to an archive of issues of Intensive and Critical Care Nursing.  A Rotherham NHS Athens password is required.  Eligible staff can register for an Athens password via this link.  Please speak to the library staff for more details.

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