Effectiveness of nursing rounds in the Intensive Care Unit on workplace learning

This research by Tobiano and colleagues was published in Intensive and Critical Care Nursing in March 2019.
Objectives:  To evaluate the implementation of a regular Nursing Round as an educational strategy for workplace learning in an intensive care unit with a single room environment.
Research design:  A multiple methods design was used. Fifty-four Nursing Rounds were observed and nurses (n = 40) completed bespoke evaluative surveys. Structured observational data and open-ended survey responses were submitted to content analysis and descriptive statistics were used to analyse survey findings.
Results:  Nursing Rounds involved a diverse range of participants, most frequently nurses. The content most frequently discussed included empirical clinical issues where nurses decided on nursing care actions to address these issues. The most frequently observed outcome of Nursing Rounds was knowledge translation. Nursing Rounds were perceived to positively influence application of evidence in practise, identification of areas for practise improvement and ability to communicate clinical information. Two categories emerged from analysis of open-ended survey questions; (1) ‘Positive learning environment’, where nurses described Nursing Rounds as a social learning experience; and (2) ‘Impediments to Nursing Rounds’, including difficulty attending Nursing Rounds due to competing priorities.
Conclusion:  Nursing Rounds enabled evidence-based learning that enhanced inter-disciplinary collaboration. Further investigation may be required to understand how to enable nurses to attend more frequently, and generate a more holistic, evidence-based discussion.
Subscribers to Intensive and Critical Care Nursing can access the full text of the article via this link.  The full text of articles from issues older than sixty days is available via this link to an archive of issues of Intensive and Critical Care Nursing.  A Rotherham NHS Athens password is required.  Eligible staff can register for an Athens password via this link.  Please speak to the library staff for more details.

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