Electrodermal Activity during Blood Pooling for Arterial Blood Gases Analysis in Sedated Adult Intensive Care Unit Patients

This article by Aslanidis et al was published in Medical Sciences March 2018 Volume 6 Number 1.
Electrodermal activity (EDA) is considered a measure of autonomous nervous system activity. This study performed an exploratory analysis of the EDA changes during blood pooling for arterial blood gas analysis in sedated adult critical care patients and correlated the variations to other monitored parameters. EDA, along with other parameters, were monitored during 4 h routine daytime intensive care nursing and treatment in an adult ICU. 4 h measurements were divided into two groups based upon the sedation level. Selected recordings before and after blood pooling for arterial blood gases analysis (stress event) was performed. Nine stress events from Group A and 17 from Group B were included for further analysis. Patients’ demographics, laboratory exams, and severity scores were recorded. For both sedation levels, EDA changes are much greater than any other monitoring parameters used. The changes are noticed in both measurement (15 s and 60 s), even though in the 60 s measurement only selected EDA parameters are significantly changed after the start of the procedure. EDA measurements are more sensitive to a given stress event than cardiovascular or respiratory parameters. However, the present results could only be considered as a pilot study. More studies are needed in order to identify the real stress-load and clinical significance of such stimuli, which are considered otherwise painless in those patients.
The full text of this article as a PDF is available via link from this website

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