Latest issue of “Journal of Critical Care” Volume 44 April 2018

“The Journal of Critical Care is a leading international, peer-reviewed journal providing original research, review articles, tutorials, and invited articles for physicians and allied health professionals involved in treating the critically ill.”
Articles published in this issue ijournal of critical care.pngnclude “The effect of sepsis and septic shock on the viscoelastic properties of clot quality and mass using rotational thromboelastometry: A prospective observational study”, “3-month prognostic impact of severe acute renal failure under veno-venous ECMO support: Importance of time of onset” and “Low tidal volume ventilation use remains low in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome at a single centre”.  The full content page of this issue can be accessed via this link

A personal subscription to the journal is required to access the full text of these articles direct from this website.  However, articles can be ordered via the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust Library and Knowledge Service.  This can be done either in person or via this link if you are a registered member of the library.

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