Current Issue of “Intensive Care Medicine” Volume 42 Number 12


To access Intensive Care Medicine’s latest issue’s contents page follow this link.

Articles in this issue include “Effect of early postexubation high flow nasal cannula vs conventional oxygen therapy on hypoxaemia in patients after major abdominal surgery a French multicentre randomised controlled trial (OPERA)”, “Diagnosis and management of skin and soft tissue infections in the intensive care unit: a review” and “Control groups in recent septic shock trials a systematic review”.

To access the full text of these articles from the journal’s homepage requires a personal subscription to the journal.  Individual articles can be ordered via the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust Library and Knowledge Service.  Registered members of the library can make article requests online via this link.

The full text of articles from issues older than one year ago is available via this link to an archive of issues of Intensive Care Medicine.   A Rotherham NHS Athens password is required.  Eligible staff can register for an Athens password via this link.  Please speak to the library staff for more details.


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