Sepsis is just as urgent as heart attack, says NICE

The latest NICE guideline wants people who show signs of sepsis to be treated with the same urgency given to those with suspected heart attacks.

NICE says all health professionals, no matter where they work in the NHS, need to think about the possibility of sepsis in all patients who may have an infection.  Sepsis can affect anyone at any time. It starts when the immune system overreacts to an infection and begins to damage the body itself, leading to organ failure and in some cases death.  The UK Sepsis Trust estimates that there are around 150,000 cases of sepsis in the UK every year and it kills around 44,000 people per year.

For more details of the press release about the new guideline follow this link.

For full details of the new guidance Sepsis: recognition, diagnosis and early management (NG51) July 2016 follow this link.


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