Developing a trauma care syllabus for intensive care nurses in the United Kingdom: A Delphi study

Whiting, D. & Cole, E. Intensive and Critical Care Nursing. Published online: 2 May 2016

educational-773651_960_720Background: Increased rates of mortality in the intensive care unit (ICU) following injury have been associated with a lack of trauma specific training. Despite this, training relevant to nurses is limited. Currently, little consideration has been given to understanding the potential training needs of ICU nurses in caring for critically injured patients.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to construct a consensus syllabus of trauma care for registered nurses working in an intensive care setting.

Design: A two round modified Delphi was conducted.

Methods: Twenty-eight intensive care professionals participated in the study in 2014 in the United Kingdom. Data were analysed using content and descriptive statistics.

Results: Round-1 generated 343 subjects. Following analysis these were categorised into 75 subjects and returned to the panel for rating. An 82% (23/28) response rate to round-2 identified high consensus (equal to or greater than 80%) in 55 subjects, which reflected the most severely injured patients needs.

Conclusions: There is a requirement for specific training to prepare the ICU nurse for caring for the critically injured patient. This survey presents a potential core syllabus in trauma care and should be considered by educators to develop a meaningful programme of trauma education for ICU nurses.

Read the abstract here

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